Title: Tiyanaks
Year: 2007

Tiyanaks Image Cover

Many believe that when a baby dies without being baptized, it leads to the possession of evil. Sheila (Rica Paralejo), Rina (Jennylin Mercado), Christian (Mark Herras) and Kerwin (JC De Vera), along with their friends, do not believe in such stories. Against the advice of a concerned mythology professor, they decided to take an out of town trip during the Holy Week. In the beginning, it would seem llike they made the right choice. But certain events, all seeming to revolve around the dreams and premonitions of Sheila about young evil lurking in the area, are deeply disturbing; disappearance, mystrerious children, and a strange old woman. The troubling incidents multiply, pointing to something wrong and it seems they have no way out. Then tragedy strikes closer when one of them turns out to be the evil himself. Now, they realize that some of them must make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the unspeakable terror that awaits them all. Some of them have to die for the others to live. Director Mark Reyes takes "Tiyanaks" to a higher level of more horrific creatures. "Tiyanaks" offers a different dimension of the infamous fictional baby creatures; more evil, stronger, mischievous, and bigger.

Jennylyn Mercado
Rica Paralejo
Mark Herras
JC De Vera
Lotlot De Leon

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