Till I Met You

Title: Till I Met You
Year: 2006


Gabriel (Robin Padilla) is a poor orphan boy who grew up under the care of rich "biyudo" haciendero Senor Manuel (portrayed by multi-awarded actor Eddie Garcia). Gabriel takes care of Senor Manuel's hacienda while his surrogate father attends to his main business in Manila. He has complete trust in Gabriel and in turn, Gabriel is very loyal to and very protective of him. Also known as a "lady killer", Gabriel is a man's man, a "cowboy" looked up to by the townspeople.

Luisa (Regine Velasquez), a street-smart spunky girl is a con-artist who has lost faith in love. Having gone through too many hardships in life, she has become jaded and self-centered. She longs most for the "rich" life and readily agrees to marry Senor Manuel.

Senor Manuel (Eddie Garcia) is a very rich old man who has lived under the clouds of loneliness after the death of his wife… until he meets Luisa who becomes the love of his life.

Senor Manuel falls in love with and offers to wed Luisa, who, unbeknownst to the haciendero, is only posing as a rich girl. In preparation for their wedding at the hacienda, Luisa meets Gabriel ? Senor Manuel's right hand man who is very protective of the old man. Sensing that Luisa is a fake and is only after Senor Manuel's money, Gabriel tries to blow Luisa's cover.

In the process, Gabriel finds himself falling for Luisa and vice versa. They become torn between their loyalty to the old man and their love for each other. In the meantime Senor Manuel senses what is happening between the two people he values most.

The three main characters find themselves caught in a situation they didn't want but could not control. How they resolve this conflict makes for the movie's interesting conclusion.

Regine Velasquez
Robin Padilla
Eddie Garcia
Idda Yaneza
Jackie Rice
Joonee Gamboa
Kuh Ledesma
Luz Valdez
Marky Cielo

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