Title: Sukob
Year: 2006


Sandy and Phil, both Overseas Workers in Dubai, are busy preparing for their wedding. Upon reaching her home, Sandy learns from her mother, Daisy, what happened to her friend, Helen. A short time after Helen’s father died, Helen proceeded with her wedding. A few weeks after the wedding, Helen’s husband dies in a plane crash. As Helen goes to the crash site, she dies in a bus accident. A few weeks later, Helen’s mother suddenly disappears inside her house. Their bodies have never been recovered. Sandy proceeds with her own wedding. During the ceremony, she suffers from nosebleed and starts seeing glimpses of a ghostly flower girl. It turns out that she is not the only one who saw it. Maja, a psychic and the daughter of her husband’s cousin, also saw the flower girl. Hours later, Sandy and Phil learn that the van carrying some of the secondary sponsors met an accident. When they get to the site, the bodies of the victims could not be found. Instead, they see a bridal cord. Sandy’s relatives and friends disappear one by one. Things become more mysterious when Sandy receives their respective wedding photos. The people who died are headless in the photos. They realize that all the headless people in the photos are bound to die. Joya tells Sandy that she is cursed by the “sukob.” Sandy is shocked ? no one in her family has died recently, nor has anyone gotten married. In searching for the truth, Sandy unearths a dark family secret. Now, Sandy has to find a way to end the curse before it takes away all the people she holds dear.

Kris Aquino
Claudine Barretto
Bernard Palanca
Boots Anson-Roa
Glaiza de
Jhong Hilario
Liza Lorena
Maja Salvador
Ronaldo Valdez
Wendell Ramos


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Wag Kang Lilingon

Title: Wag Kang Lilingon
Year: 2006


WAG KANG LILINGON (aka: Dorit Look Back) (DVD)

Wag Kang Lilingon is a twin-bill horror movie

In the first story 'Uyayi,' Anne plays Melissa, a young nurse with a bright future ahead of her.

But will the future turn to her favor as strange and violent events occur at the hospital she works for. Together with her boyfriend James, they try to uncover the killer behind the rising number of deaths among the patients in the hospital. But will she be one of the victims? Quark Henares megs the episode.

In the second story 'Salamin,' Kristine plays Angel, a beautiful young family breadwinner whose only aspiration is to see her family live a better life. When her father left her and her mother and younger sister for another woman, Angel decided to move into a new place. Little did they know the danger that lies ahead. As she discovers an old mirror, she makes a wish at the stroke of midnight by the candlelight-to know her future. Instead she unwittingly opens a portal of spirits! What will be the repercussions of her actions? Jerry Lopez-Sineneng directs 'Salamin.'

What you don't know won't hurt you…


A hospital becomes infamous for the strange death of their patients. It is believed that something is taking the lives of the patients...

Melissa (Anne Curtis) is a nurse in the Angel of Mercy Hospital. After a series of death of their patients, she becomes eager to investigate who is responsible. Her boyfriend, James (Marvin Agustin), volunteers to become the bait. He checks in and helps Melissa catch the killer. As days pass, more and more patients continue to die. Melissa starts experiencing being haunted by the spirits of the victims. After their prime suspect dies, both become more perplexed. Little did they know that a bigger surprise awaits them as they learn about the true identity of the killer.


At 12 midnight, light a candle and hold it while looking at yourself in the mirror, close your eyes and when you open it, you will see your future...

At a very young age, Angel (Kristine Hermosa) acts as the head of her family. When her father abandoned them a few years back, she was left with the responsibility of taking care of her mother and her younger sister, Nina. When they rented an old house, little did she know that strange things await them. She discovers an old mirror and because of her eagerness to know her future, she dared it to show her what will happen to her. Angel sees herself and her whole family being killed by a person. Strange things suddenly start happening in their house. Angry spirits begin to appear. It turns out that by performing the ritual in front of the mirror, Angel was also able to open the portal for the spirits. In an effort to protect her family, they move out of the house. But out of curiosity, Angel goes back to look at the mirror and to see who is the person killing her in the vision.

* Kristine Hermosa
* Anne Curtis
* Cherry Pie Picache
* Marvin Agustin
* Baron Geisler
* Raymond Bagatsing


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Kung Ako Na Lang Sana

Title: Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
Year: 2003


Emmy and Vince started out as casual friends in their college barkada until parallel events in their lives drew them closer to later become the best of friends. This is despite their opposite personalities-- Emmy is driven in her career and domineering among her friends but possesses a heart of gold, while Vince is the ever-cool type of guy who has this laid-back attitude towards life.
Although not being physically close to and not constantly communicating with each other for extended periods of time, they manage to affect and influence each other's lives over the years until they find themselves falling in love with each other. Fearful of losing the friendship they have invested much on, they choose not to let the other know of their true feelings.. until much later on.
"Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" exemplifies the saying that friendship, indeed, blooms into love.

Sharon Cuneta
Aga Muhlach


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Enteng Kabisote 3

Title: Enteng Kabisote 3
Year: 2006


In this sequel, Enteng re-opens his Enteng Butingting Everything Business with Jose as associate and consultant. Jose, being a little shrewd, injects lending and pyramiding into it. Enteng easily makes a lot of money and becomes greedy. Problems start to ensue between him and Faye. Ina Magenta has her own problem when she turns into a comic character after undergoing her usual youth face lift.

Meanwhile, a lizard-looking fugitive alien named Zarkov from the planet Zerkah crash lands unto earth. Zarkov has the power to clone. Satana together with her newly found cohorts, uses Zarkov to clone Enteng and totally ruin his relationship with Faye. They also try to get the powerful Medalyon ng Kabutihan from Ina through the clone Enteng.

With the ruined relationship and Enkantasya in peril, Enteng and Ina finally realizes their mistakes. They again join force to fight the evil four.

Vic Sotto
Kristine Hermosa
Aiza Seguerra
Oyo Boy Sotto


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You Are The One

Title: You Are The One
Year: 2006


Sally Malasmas (played by Toni Gonzaga) applies for a US visa. There she meets the young and dashing vice-consul Will Derby (Sam Milby) with a wide, warm and inviting smile. Sally feels it’s her lucky day! But Will thinks Sally does not have enough ties to the Philippines that will make her come back. He denies her visa, beams one last sweet smile at her and turns his back before she could protest. It isn’t Sally’s lucky day anymore.

Sally Malasmas is a Care Officer at the National Statistics Office. She’s smart and is a genuinely caring person who always has a hand to help other people. But despite her capabilities, Sally feels insecure of her older sister Charry whom she feels her parents always favored and always outperformed her. And in love, Sally tends to be needy and clingy. Her parents and only sister have all migrated to the United States to embrace the ‘American Dream’. But for Sally, the Philippines is where she wants to be.

Will Derby is a dashing vice-consul from the United States Embassy in Manila. He grew up in pre-dominantly white North Dakota where very few Filipinos live. But Will is not an American. He’s a Filipino adopted by an old American couple. He would have avoided being posted in the Philippines, a place he doesn’t like very much, if he could. But a promise to his mother to search for his real parents made him not to. Will has always lived a life of incompleteness and unbelongingness. Even his relationships are fleeting until he meets Sally.

Sally is only forced to apply for a US Visa because her sick mom who refuses to come home needs care. So for Sally, how could Mr. Derby think she’s another TNT when she never ever dreamed of going to the land of milk and honey?! She is definitely insulted. And too bad she initially thought he’s gorgeous.

Toni Gonzaga
Sam Milby


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Kubrador (The Bet Collector)

Title: Kubrador
Year: 2006


An ordinary meaningless existence can suddenly be challenged by the perplexing game of life, luck and death.

Amelita or Amy is an aging jueteng kubrador (bet collector). Despite the regular crackdown on the illegal numbers game, she clings to the job she has known for more than 20 years. She walks around the poverty-stricken squatter’s neighborhood collecting bets from her regular patrons everyday. Her husband Eli, who is equally aging, can only manage to help by manning their small sari-sari (variety store). Amy’s grown up children have all left home. Her eldest daughter Mona works as a domestic helper abroad. Her second daughter, Juvy, who is always pregnant, lives with her in-laws. Amy’s youngest son, Eric, a young soldier, recently died on combat duty in Mindanao.

While collecting bets three days before All Saints day, Amy is apprehended by a police officer. She joins the other kubradors in the police station until their kabo (handler) bails them out.

The following morning, Amy returns to the streets and continues her clandestined activity. She meets the parish priest, who informs her of a young neighbor’s sudden death from an accident. The priest asks her to collect abuloy (donations) from neighbors and friends.

When Amy remits her afternoon jueteng collection to her kabo, she finds him sick at home. He then asks her to attend the next jueteng draw on his behalf, Amy being a trusted ally of the jueteng network for a long time.

Amy and the other kabos await the arrival of the table manager (supervisor) of the draw in a secluded location. But when the table manager arrives, he announces that the draw is cancelled and informs everyone the winning numbers from the jueteng financier.

When Amy goes home that night, her husband Eli tells her the bad news. He failed to hand over a bet from a neighbor whose numbers, to Amy’s surprise, won the rigged draw. Pissed off, she has no choice but to go to her kabo and borrow money in order to pay out the neighbor. That night, the neighbors have lighted candles in front of their houses to welcome the feast of All Saints Day the next morning.

A mammoth crowd greets Amy and her family as they approach the cemetery. At Eric’s grave they see Glenda, Eric’s girlfriend, offering flowers and prayers for her dead boyfriend. Still pissed off with Eli, Amy leaves and wanders around the cemetery to cool off. Suddenly she hears a commotion. Two vehicles figured in a collision. The two drivers engage in a heated argument until one of them pulls out a gun and fires a shot. The bullet goes pass Amy and hits a teenage boy behind her. Amy shouts for help. Police arrive and arrest the suspect. Other bystanders help load the bloodied body of the boy in a vehicle. Still in a state of shock, Amy follows gaze as the vehicle speeds away from the crime scene.

Gina Pareno


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Tanging Yaman

Title: Tanging Yaman
Year: 2000

Tanging Yaman Cover

Three siblings are now well settled with their respective families, in widely contrasting lifestyles. The one common thing that binds them loosely together is the love that their mother holds for all of them and her grandchildren, albeit expressed in varying ways and degrees, but always equally nurturing and self-giving. Much as they are held together by her, they are in turn separated by physical distance and the sad legacy left behind by their deceased, erstwhile strong-willed, patriarchal father.

Long suppressed pains and resentments unravel as the three siblings argue over the prospect of selling a vast track of land left behind by the patriarch. The process also brings to surface the hurts between parents and children, a likely spectacle of the "sins of the father visiting upon the children", threatening to spill over to the third generation.

What stuff each one is made of faces its true test when the family matriarch, in an act richly resonant with ritual Christian self-offering, yields her whole being to the God of Providence and succumbs to a debilitating disease. Do her beloved children unite, or do the frayed relationships finally break up?

The family saga is a stark and poignant dramatization of provincial values vs. urban survival instincts precariously held in the balance by the abiding love, hope, and faith against the gnawing disease of the spirit brought by cynicism, materialism, and an unforgiving heart.

* Gloria Romero
* Hilda Koronel
* Dina Bonnevie
* Edu Manzano
* Johnny Delgado
* Marvin Agustin
* Carol Banawa
* Shaina Magdayao
* Jiro Manio
* Janet McBride
* Dominic Ochoa
* Cherry Pie Picache
* John Prats
* C.J. Ramos
* Jericho Rosales
* Joel Torre


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