My Kuya's Wedding

Title: My Kuya's Wedding
Year: 2007



Inseparable as siblings, Jeff (Ryan Agoncillo) and Kat (Maja Salvador) grew up very close to each other through thick and thin. Kat being overzealous and very wary of girls who likes her brother Jeff. Her Kuya simply means the world to her.

Years later, Kat is all grown-up and lovely, and soon awaits her Kuyas return after four years of hard work from abroad. But all this excitement of a sibling reunion is foiled at the airport upon sight of Heidi (Pauleen Luna), Kats worst nightmare and her brothers fiancée. Kat is crestfallen by the sudden presence and inexplicable devotion his brother has for this new girl in his life.

Fueled with envy, Kat embarks on an all-out scheme to pull out all the stops to their impending wedding with the help of her gay bestfriend of all seasons, Vi (IC Mendoza) However, as Kat schemes to freeze the marital icing off her siblings cake, she finds herself falling for the charms of an evicted reality show superstar - Aris (Jason Abalos) who happens to be Heidis brother.

As she desperately clings to her last semblance of family, her Kuya Jeff, will Kat be able to stop this “bridezilla” from snatching away her only “Kuya” in her life?

Truly, the film is a bittersweet romantic comedy, sprinkled with doses of laughter and drizzled with light notes of drama. My Kuya’s Wedding will definitely leave us with a warm heart and a deeper understanding on the value of love and family relationships.

Ethel Booba
Frank Garcia
Janus Del
Jason Abalos
Maja Salvador
Pauleen Luna
Ryan Agoncillo
Say Alonzo

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