Enteng Kabisote 4

Title: Enteng Kabisote 4
Year: 2007


Enteng Kabisote 4... Okay Ka Fairy Ko The Beginning Of The Legend, starring the tandem of Vic Sotto as Enteng Kabisote and Kristine Hermosa as Faye Kabisote is the fourth of this fantasy-comedy series.

The story goes back in time when Enteng Kabisote, gets kidnapped by his former rival to Faye, Inok, the enchanted prince (Michael de Mesa), and erases his memory. Enteng becomes childlike and innocent of things that are happening around him. Meanwhile, as the Kabisote clan including Ina Magenta, the Queen of Engkantasya (Giselle Toengi) search for Enteng, a series of wicked events occur involving him.

Follow the thrilling and comic adventure as the Kabisote's together with the enchanted fairies join forces to fight the pestering villains.

Vic Sotto
Kristine Hermosa
Aiza Seguerra
Oyo Boy Sotto
Francine Prieto
Ian Veneracion

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