Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita

Title: Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita
Year: 1989


Salve is a sweet girl, the kind who would wait hand and foot for her husband. But she lacks the qualities Alfred is looking for in a wife. He wants a woman who can be his business partner, who can help him meet his goals, provide support and whom he can show off proudly to his friends and business associates. Alfred meets such a woman in Via, who becomes his business partner and later his lover. Together, they plot to eliminate Salve. Rod, a rich man, who takes pity on the likes of Salve because he was once a victim of injustice, promises to help her get her hands on Alfred and Via. Together, Salve and Rod plot their moves too.

Sharon Cuneta
Christopher De Leon
Hilda Koronel
Bembol Roco

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